Friday, October 28, 2011


This week we have discussed a very interesting concept in class--identity, specifically within the online realm. In the world of facebook, twitter, and other online social networks, there is a thin dividing line between reality and the virtual realm. This same line is very much the case in terms of identity within the religious context. My question is simple: does weak dividing line help or hurt our religious identity?

I believe that online religion hurts our overall religious identity. Social networks allow people to basically pick and choose their own form of religion, and that often leaves them with this conglomerate of beliefs that are very confusing and different from the traditional forms of their religion. At the end of the day, I believe the availability to pick your beliefs of the "buffet line" of online religion takes away from the authenticity of peoples beliefs. It may be a strong claim, but the more aspects you add to your beliefs, the sooner it loses its sweetness and simplicity. If people can control their religious identity with certain boundaries within the online realm, I believe they can be successful. But these boundaries need to be had before this sound identity will be accomplished.

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